“I have always been so moved by the stories found in nature, in time-worn objects, in mourning jewelry and religious reliquaries. I want to create heirloom pieces that are not about fad and fashion, but rather sentiment and timelessness.” Since a young age, Alix Bluh has been surrounded by artistic influences. Growing up on a family farm, Alix's father worked as an avante garde painter and her mother worked as an elementary school teacher; both encouraged exposure to all forms of creativity. At the age of 12, Alix's burgeoning interest in the arts flourished after attending an arts camp in Maine.

During her college years, Alix received awards for her art well before she knew that her jewelry would be the path she would follow. Her paintings and assemblage works were featured in many exhibits and galleries, including the Seoul Olympics Art Festival. In 1989, Alix returned to London and started collecting and selling antiques as she pursued making one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. She combined a fascination with time-worn objects with that of cutting-edge arts. Alix sold her unique art jewelry in London galleries as well is at Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art and New York galleries. 

In 1992 Alix decided to move to San Francisco, where she has been living since. It was in San Francisco that her precious metals journey began with a rapid leap to a new business. Though the medium was new, the themes in her jewelry were true to the original inspirations in her past forays. Reliquary pieces are a longtime fascination for Alix, where sacred objects are held in tiny boxes close at hand to honor the entity that it houses. Alix’s reliquaries, ranging from 18k gold branches, feathers, pearls and loose precious stones safely nestled under crystal have become her signature design concept.

Alix's lines are now widely collected across the USA and internationally. Their popularity based on the intimate and unique quality that Alix has captured. Some say the jewelry is lyrical, or even poetic, that it seems to have a secret past or a talisman power.  Jewelry has also been described as feeling sacred and magical. To Alix, each piece seems to tell a story, each collection a new chapter in a really good book – the book of MODERN RELICS!