Maker Spaces: by Emily Quinton

Hello and sorry it's been so long since my last post. I am so delighted to announce the upcoming book called Maker Spaces by Emily Quinton of London. I am one of 2 San Francisco artists to appear in this gorgeous book coming out in April.

My friend and Modern Relics famed ephemera artist, Kim Austin of Austin press is also in the book, There will be a very special book launch at West Elm in May and probably a private party here at M R.

I could not be more flattered or excited for the honor of being in this book. Much gratitude to the lovely Emily, and her incredibly talented photographer Helen Cathcart.  Please go pre order your signed copy !

Thanks and stay tuned,


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SF Weekly Best of San Francisco 2014

2014 is going to be a great new year! It started off with some major challenges including loosing my home of 20 years as well as my beloved father passing away at the same time. Now that I am coming up for air, you can finally expect to see new jewelry on the website and in the gallery. Obviously I have not been the most prolific in updating the website, but I am really going to give it some more effort. In every way, I am way more of an artist than a businessperson.

One of the most exiting things to come home to, after being on the east coast for my father’s funeral, was finding out that I have been awarded the “SF Weekly Best of San Francisco 2014” for a jewelry store. This is an incredibly honoring title given the extraordinary talent and many jewelry galleries in the city. I know I am not the only one who deserves it. Within the featured title review of Modern Relics, they put a spin on my bespoke mourning jewelry service. This was a little bit out of context for what you find when you walk into the gallery, as you will never see a locket with cat hair or anything quite that personally sentimental on display. (These pieces are only a custom order service.) Even though it was a little misleading, I understand their desire for featuring that unique and quirky facet of my work. It also seems that now this is what people know most about my jewelry. All of which makes me happy, as I love all my creations equally. Additionally, they mentioned the Eyeris Necklace, which features the engraved etching of Abraham Lincoln’s eye. You’ll see my smirky mug with my boyfriend Michael, at the award party, which we had a hoot at.

A little while back I was featured in a beautifully shot photo essay blog called Spotted SF. Considering how off the beaten track I am, any attention coming my way makes me giddy with happiness. The photos really capture the heart of Modern Relics. If you have a chance, make sure to check it out here.

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With Halloween fast approaching, my thoughts are filled with the origins of the tradition. As a time when the dead are honored and revered, it strikes a chord with the most meaningful of my jewelry creations.

I can honestly say the most poignant experience I had in creating memorial pieces was for a family who lost their 22-year-old son, a young gentleman who died from a hazing ritual at a University. His was the college where my parents met and I was conceived. His beautiful honey-colored hair was agonizingly plaited under glass and set in 22K gold. This was one of my most difficult achievements for so many reasons. Technically challenging, emotionally stultifying and just a bit surreal, as it was my first time doing a mourning piece. I ended up making four lockets for different family members. At one point I thought I would run out of the small lock of hair I had to work with. There seemed to be more pressure on me than was logical. It was as if his spirit was hanging around my studio to make sure I would not let down his family, that they were to be comforted by the talismans that I was to bestow on them. Unfortunately, I never documented this first project; I was so taken with my emotional response to the project, documenting it never occurred to me.

Honoring the souls of those we love and hold dear, whether they be four legged friends or family members, is a wonderful blessing. No matter how we choose to immortalize these memories, be it a keepsake, sacred place, or a yearly ritual, offers us a way to celebrate their lives. This Halloween week, I will be placing a promotion on some pieces I find embody the spirit of memento jewelry. The  Charmed Necklace, Eyeris Necklace, Sappho Key Necklace, and Charity, Hope, Peace Necklace will be 15% off. Type in the code ALLSAINTS13 at checkout from October 26, 2013 to November 2, 2013. 


Beloved cat's fur memorial locket.

Beloved cat's fur memorial locket.